Step in the Right Direction is a News Corp magazine to help guide students, career changers, job seekers and people looking at upskilling to find their perfect job, course or training. The magazine showcases options for further education, colleges, apprenticeships, traineeships, training and job seeking, so you can take a "step in the right direction."


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Pursue Your Dream Career

When you’re just starting out in your educational pursuits, thinking about your future career and all of the steps required to get there is daunting. STEP takes the anxiety out of planning for your future. We lay everything out for you step-by-step, helping you choose a career filled with passion, find the right apprenticeships and traineeships to bolster your portfolio, and how to structure your education and training to land your dream job.

  • Apprenticeships vs Traineeship: Both are 'on-the-job' paid roles with a study component for accreditation. Apprenticeships focus on a trade skill while traineeships focus on a specific vocational area (a specific part of a trade/business).

  • Tertiary Study: A tertiary education is designed for those looking at education options beyond high school to study a specific field or industry. Tertiary education can be through either university, tafe or private colleges.

  • University: In most cases, university courses have minimum entry requirements including grade results from high school and include courses that result in degrees, diplomas, majors and doctorates.

  • Tafe: Tafes across Australia have fewer entry requirements than that of universities and in some cases will require no prior education. The majority of courses can result in obtaining certificates with some courses resulting in Diplomas and Bachelor degrees - depending on the course.

Taking a Step in the Right Direction Starts Here

No matter how far along in your education you are, you can find career and schooling resources in STEP. We help you to plan your education and training, and build yourself up as a professional. It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about the pathway to your future.

With our resources, you can:

  • Select the Best Degree Program Study something you’re passionate about.

  • Find The Right Traineeships Practice the skills required for your future career.

  • Learn From Industry Leaders Read interviews from industry experts and students just like yourself.

  • Land Your Ideal Job Use your training and skills to find your ideal role at a great company.

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